Sieger Matlzeit – Victor’s Meal $40

When your team wins, you need to eat to prepare for massive celebration. If your team lost, then you need to eat to prepare for massive consolation. Either way you need to eat.

Victor’s Meal

4 Loaded Potato Pancakes

Two of our signature potato pancakes, loaded with bacon and cheese, and topped with sour cream or gravy

4 Mix & Match Sausages

Jaeger – Bratwurst filled with potato, cheese, & onion

Hungarian – Sausage with paprika & garlic

Polish – Traditional Polish sausage with garlic & black pepper

Bratwurst – Traditional Bratwurst with garlic & mace

Frankfurter – All beef kosher hot dog

8 German Meatballs

Eight of our homemade German meatballs, smothered in gravy

4 Large Sides

Red Cabbage – Sweet & sour cabbage with apples

Sauerkraut – Sauerkraut made with bacon, onions, apples, &  juniper berries

Potato Salad – Warm German potato salad with bacon & onions.

Gurken Salat – Cold cucumber & onion salad with dill & vinegar

Spaetzle – Egg noodle sautéed in butter & pepper

4 Dinner Rolls