Regular Menu

Here at the Chau Haus, we offer both traditional German fare, and new takes on old favorites.

(V = Vegan, VG = Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free)


Curry Wurst $7 (GF)
2 bratwurst sliced & tossed in our house-made curry ketchup.

Potato Pancakes $6 (VG)
2 pan-fried potato pancakes with apple sauce or gravy.

Loaded Potato Pancakes ($8 for two, $10 for three)
2 pan-fried potato pancakes, covered in cheese, bacon, &
your choice of sour cream or gravy.

Soup of the day $4

Bavarian Pretzel with mustard $2 (VG)

Fresh Baked Bread Basket $3 (VG)


A schnitzel is a cut of meat that is pounded by hand until thin, then breaded & pan-fried.

Pork, Chicken, or Mushroom Schnitzel & 2 sides $11 (GF by request)

Steak Schnitzel & 2 sides $13 (GF by request)

Pork,Chicken, or Mushroom Sandwich & 1 side $7.50



Meatballstopheles $10
Four German meatballs, covered in mushroom gravy &
topped with red cabbage.

Vegestopheles $10 (V)
Four veggie meatballs, covered in vegetarian mushroom gravy,
& topped with red cabbage.

Barley Burger $7.50 (V)
Barley, carrot, onion, mushroom, & red pepper patty.

Sauerbraten Reuben & 1 side $10 (Saturdays only)
Our sauerbraten on deli rye with sauerkraut & swiss cheese


Jaeger Bratwurst filled with potato, cheese, & onion
Sausage with paprika & garlic
Traditional Polish sausage with garlic & black pepper
BratwurstTraditional Bratwurst with garlic & mace
FrankfurterAll beef kosher hot dog

Sausage Plate with 2 sides (GF)
1 sausage $11     2 Sausages $14     3 Sausages $17

Sausage on a bun & 1 side $7.50
Frankfurter on a bun & 1 side $5

Sides $3

Red Cabbage (V, GF) Sweet & sour cabbage with apples

Sauerkraut (GF) Sauerkraut made with bacon, onions, apples, &
juniper berries

Potato Salad (GF) Warm German potato salad with bacon & onions.

Gurken Salat (V, GF)Cold cucumber & onion salad with dill & vinegar

Spätzle (VG) Egg noodle sautéed in butter & pepper
Add gravy – $.25     Add cheese – $.50

Special Dinners

Sauerbraten Dinner & 2 sides $15 (Saturday only)
Roast sirloin of beef, marinated in vinegar and brown sugar for sweet and tart flavor

Hollander Art $15 (with Steak, $17) (GF by request)
Pork or chicken schnitzel, topped with asparagus and homemade buttermilk dressing.


Assorted Shortbread Cookies $1.50 each

Cheesecake of the Day $4