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Art HopArtist Showcase

November, 2017 Artist: Laurie Laing



WMU Alumni of fine art and graphic design, Laurie Laing has been an artist of some sort or another most of her life. growing up, happiness was found in music, drawing and the natural world. She believes that this type of devotion was instilled early on in her  life through her father and grandparents.   


At a young age, Laurie recalls singing with a cardinal birdcage music box that she would carry around like a teddy bear.  In her youth she would seek out and identify tracks of animals and try walking as quietly as she could through the forest, in hopes to see, hear and be a part of that place.


Those birds, deer and other flights of fancy led Laurie to begin drawing fantasy art and cartoons going into college. It was there that she drew for Ferlbahoo and Kalamazoo Comics, as well as local publications including, “The Last Call,” a monthly underground literary magazine she had published in the mid nineties.


Music started to take over in that time in Laurie’s life, but she has recently married the two with illustrative artwork and photography for CD covers with bands, including her own musical endeavors. Photography had become not only relevant but necessary, in addition to illustration and music.   Laurie has an avid love of kayaking and hiking which have brought about some beautiful encounters with the natural world and her attempts to capture those moments on film.




December 2017 Artist: Brian Pitcole

Artist, comedian, lyricist, teacher, father and friend are assuredly the right adjectives when describing Brian Pitcole.  Brian has been the lead singer for several bands and most recently performing with two former members of his band Fishlips.


Also a WMU Alumni, Brian studied in education with art as a major.  With love and  appreciation for art and nature, Brian creates unique compositions of beauty that can be found in the natural world.  This has become his inspiration as well as adding to a deepening admiration for the creation process.  This has become his catalyst. 


Brian seeks out interesting works in nature, from different viewpoints.  Some of his favorite works are overhead views, and extreme closeups.  Brian aims to convey movement and emotion through his artwork, be it the fluid movement of subjects, or the look in the eyes.  Color is equally important in Brian’s artwork when he attempts to express feelings in a piece. Brian enjoys using vivid colors while maintaining a natural scheme.