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2018 – January – Artist Brian Pitcole

Artist, comedian, lyricist, teacher,  father and friend.These assuredly the right adjectives when describing Brian Pitcole.


Brian enjoys getting out at least one time a week.  You might catch Brian telling some jokes downtown some night, or even singing lead vocals,  with the accompaniment a couple of a couple bandmates from Fishlips.


An Alumni from WMU, Brian took study in education and in Art. With his love and appreciation for art and nature, Brian has had the opportunity to create some quite unique compositions of beauty that can be found in the natural world.  This has become his inspiration as well as adding to a deepening admiration for the creation process.  This has become his catalyst. 


Brian seeks out interesting works in nature, from different viewpoints.  Some of his favorite works are overhead views, and extreme closeups.  Brian aims to convey movement and emotion through his artwork, be it the fluid movement of subjects, or the look in the eyes.  Color is equally important in Brian’s artwork when he attempts to express feelings in a piece. Brian enjoys using vivid colors while maintaining a natural scheme.


Samples of Brian’s Artwork :



Live Music @ Chau Haus

January 19th, 2018 @ 6pm – Mike List

Come and celebrate the new year with us at the Chau Haus.  Mike List joins us Friday, January 19th!


Mike List is a long-time Kalamazoo resident, multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter with a distinctive voice and sound.


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February 2018 – TBA

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March 23rd, 2018 @ 6pm – Anna P.S.

https://www.annapsmusic.con —  Indie folk musician Anna p.s. conveys a sense of weariness throughout her simple yet resonant songs, but it’s a weariness that keeps a blanket of hope tucked up under its chin, even as the rain keeps falling outside the windows. Grace always lurks around the corner on tunes that layer delicate vulnerability over the hearty stock of this songwriters’ spirit.


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April 20th 2018 – Bride of Fleckenstein

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May 18th, 2018 – Nick Baxter

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June 15th, 2018 – Andrew Saliba


Andrew is a guitarist and composer from San Diego, CA. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Jazz Studies, and currently performs throughout southwest Michigan.  Come and enjoy a night of relaxing music, great food, and great people in the friendly environment of the Chau Haus.


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