For you and your fellow heroes. Our Schlactplatte (Battle Platter) will fortify you before any adventures, be they an epic battle, or a trip to the Epic Center.

Battle Platter


A full smoked pork hock.

4 Mix & Match Sausages

Jaeger – Bratwurst filled with potato, cheese, & onion

Hungarian – Sausage with paprika & garlic

Polish – Traditional Polish sausage with garlic & black pepper

Bratwurst – Traditional Bratwurst with garlic & mace

Frankfurter – All beef kosher hot dog

4 Large Sides

Red Cabbage – Sweet & sour cabbage with apples

Sauerkraut – Sauerkraut made with bacon, onions, apples, &  juniper berries

Potato Salad – Warm German potato salad with bacon & onions.

Gurken Salat – Cold cucumber & onion salad with dill & vinegar

Spaetzle – Egg noodle sautéed in butter & pepper

4 Dinner Rolls