What we are…

Holy Schnitzel, what can we say?

It’s food.
It’s German.
It’s good.

It Could Be Wurst!
Isn’t That Spätzle?


Who we are…

Frankie Heynig, Owner, Executive Chef
Miranda Lee, Operations Manager, General Manager
Amanda Bernstein, Sous Chef
Joshua “Muffin” Sieber, FOH Manager, Booking, Webmaster


In the Kitchen

Calvin Green
Ashley Stoops
Sam Brouwer
James Burkett


Expo / Deliveries

Tara Rowe
Chris Falk



Mia Fawley-Chesser
Cyndi Dennany
Jacob Houvner
Lexi Terrian
Hannah Terrian
Lauren Cook


Restaurant Support

Pierre “Pete” Schumann
Allen Bernstein
Kamela Shaw
Jameela Williams
Christina Wolf
Elle Molitor